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Roberta Lux

“The dynamic of a powerful woman taking control of a man is for sure one of the most exciting things for Me…”

In Person


  • 2 Hours: 1000$ USD*
  • Lunch: 1300$USD*
  • 3 Hours: 1500$ USD*
  • Dinner Date: 1800$ USD*
  • Movie n’ Cuddles: 2000$ USD*

*One Day in advance only


  • Overnight: 3000$ USD*
  • Overnight N’ More: 3500$ USD*
  • Full Day: 4000$ USD*
  • Travel Day: 5000$ USD*
  • Weekend: 7000$ USD*
  • Week: 12000$ USD*

*48 Hours notice


Monday -Tuesday (Week Days)
Overnight 2500$ USD* 8 Hours

My rates are non-negotiable.
Please respect them as they’re not open for discussion.
I don’t bother to charge the ‘market rate’ for My services.
My suitors are high net worth men and a few thousand dollars doesn’t even make a dent in their wallets.
Sure, that’s enough to scare off the hobbyist who looks for budget ‘pussy-purchase power’.
Everyone is different and each person comes to Me for their own personal reasons.
I look forward to putting you where you belong.
Elegance is an attitude.
Class is mandatory…

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